Folding Mountain Outfitters Mexico Hunting

Meat and Trophy Care

Meat Transportation:

Large volume meat transportation is very expensive and difficult from this region. If you are planning to keep your meat, please contact us for further information regarding the procedure. The simplest way is to drive to our base camp bringing a freezer with you.

Trophy Preparation:

All capes, heads and hides will be cared for by your guide in a professional manner in preparation for the taxidermist. Allowances must be made for your guide to diligently process the trophies when they are harvested. Keep in mind that generally the day after the harvest is spent in camp processing and is considered one of your hunt days. Brian Kadrmas with Dakota Taxidermy handles the export of trophies.

Folding Mountain Outfitters -- Mule Deer Hunts
Folding Mountain Outfitters -- Mule Deer Hunts