Folding Mountain is now owned and operated by Blair and Rebecca Miller.

Blair was raised on a farm in central BC, where he grew up fishing, hunting and trapping. Rebecca was raised in Mali, West Africa before moving to Calgary, AB in 1995. Blair started guiding in 2003 and after they got married in 2006 they have been guiding together ever since. They both started for Bryan Martin but have also worked for Gary Drinkall (Tracks BC), Bob Milligan on the BC coast, Asia Mountain Outfitters for Marco Polo and Ibex as well as a few others.

Blair and Rebecca started working for Dale and Sandra Drinkall and Folding and Terminus Mountain Outfitters in 2011 and have found it to be the best hunting they ever experienced. Blair and "Becca" are excited to be offering world class hunts in some of North Americas most game rich country. They now live within their guide territory in Toad River, BC, where they continue the tradition of raising FMO horses as well as managing the predator populations throughout the winter months.